Ten Hints to Improve Your Power and Accuracy on the Golf Course

Power and accuracy on the golf course is a dangerous combination. If you are able to successfully bring both of those elements into your game, you might be in store for some pretty impressive rounds. Of course, that is much easier said than done. Use the following ten tips to try and incorporate both power and accuracy into your golf game.

  1. Make a full shoulder turn. Getting your shoulders back behind the ball during the backswing can help to maximize your power potential.
  2. Choke down for accuracy. Even just coming down the grip a half an inch or so is a good way to add a little bit of control to your swing. This is an especially powerful tool to use for mid and short iron approach shots.
  3. Tee it high. When you are looking for additional power off the tee, make sure you tee the ball up plenty high so that you have room to stay behind the ball and hit up into it at impact.
  4. Play the ball back in your stance. Generally, it is easier to keep a shot online when it is flighted lower in the air. To accomplish that, play the ball back in your stance on iron shots and take on extra club to cover the necessary yardage.
  5. Work on flexibility. One of the best ways to add yards to your average shot is to improve your flexibility and overall fitness. Specifically, core strength and flexibility are key to making strong, powerful swings.
  6. Tighten up backswing. Overly long backswings that drift up and away from your body can lead to a loss of control. Make sure your swing is tight and compact to help you get the ball started on line.
  7. Take an athletic stance. Golfers who address the ball with their legs straight have a harder time generating power than those who stand with an athletic posture.
  8. Use one extra club. Swinging too hard is a common cause of losing accuracy in your golf swing. Make sure you take plenty of club for the shot at hand to prevent yourself from trying to swing too hard.
  9. Swing with confidence. It might sound simple, but you may be able to add yards simply by swinging with more confidence. When you doubt yourself, the club tends to slow down and power can be lost.
  10. Take dead aim. Aim is an underrated aspect of control on the golf course. By making sure you are aimed properly for each shot, you might be surprised at just how accurate you can be.