4 Must-Know Golf Tips For Improving Your Tempo

In golf your tempo refers to swing motion (how you go back and forth through the shot). Usually you want your strokes to be smooth all the way through, but how fast or slow you hit the ball can affect the outcome of the shot. Often there is no correct way to determine the right tempo since each golfer is different. Yet, there are elements you can focus on in developing the right tempo for you. Once you understand essential elements you can work toward being consistent through techniques you develop for yourself. Here are 4 tips to effectively improve your tempo in golf.

  1. Practice your motion before taking the actual shot. When you do this assess elements such as your posture, stance, and how you hold your club. Know proper grip pressure as you hold your club. The pressure should occur within your fingers and not across your palm. If your grip is too tight this may lead to swinging too fast or too hard.
  2. The target line should be in line with your clubface. As you do this, be sure to bend knees while leaning in toward the ball. Your feet should be firmly in place with knees over them slightly and your shoulders over your knees before address. This will help you feel club head weight as you move to hit the ball. The weight of the club head is what helps you achieve a balanced swing motion.
  3. As you swing your shoulder will turn slightly as you slowly bring back your club. Your chin should meet up with your shoulder as you go into your backswing. For a smooth swing your torso, arms and legs should move together as you work the motion. Work to make the pendulum motion as you swing. You can practice this motion with and without your club. Establishing the motion of a pendulum helps you maintain swing speed.
  4. The lower portion of your body helps start your backswing. You should have a smooth rhythm as you go through your downswing. A strong follow through can be obtained when you establish good balance and maintain your posture through the shot. Keep slow and low your club head. Put together all elements of the shot. You can assess your technique and consider making changes to see better results.