Top 5 Putting Set-Up Suggestions That Will Make Your Game Better

Putting is equally as important as any other swing in golf. It’s therefore a must that you practice putting drills as much—if not more—than other drills pertaining to iron play and driving. Being above average in putting will put you miles ahead of your opponents and lower your overall golf score significantly.

Aligning your body correctly

When setting yourself up for a putt, there are three main positional elements to take note of:

  • Your eyes: These should be directly above and square with the ball
  • Your legs: Close together but not stiff
  • The angle of your putter: Aligned with your forearms to allow for more control

How to grip your putter correctly

The subheading to this section may be a bit misleading, since there are many schools of thought on how to grip your putter. The most important aspect of putter grip is that you feel comfortable. If you feel awkward by following someone else’s method, consider switching to another method that suits your height and posture a little better.

Proper weight distribution

When you perform a regular swing with an iron or a wedge, the weight of your body will usually start off balanced and end up with most of the weight on your left. However, with putting, your weight should start and finish with more than 70% of your weight on your toes. Many golfers make the mistake of leaning slightly backwards, placing their weight on their heels; but in fact, a forward distribution of weight makes for more accuracy and better control.

Putting as opposed to swinging – it’s all in the knees

As already stated, your weight will be pushed forward—and stay there. This should remind you that your body must move as little as possible when making a putt. If your knees move even a little when making a putt, keep practicing until they don’t.

Prepare to follow through with your putt

While you may think that this has nothing to do with setup, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself before you make your putt. Whether your ball is far away from the hole or close by, always prepare to follow through with your putting stroke. If you hit the ball (as you’re used to doing with other shot) you’ll loose much of the control you’ve been concentrating on achieving. But by stroking the ball with a proper follow through, the ball will move in the direction and the speed you want it to.