Golf Chipping Instructions: How to Aim Properly

Even the best golfers still struggle with chipping accuracy. Keeping factors such as wind, direction, distance, and posture in your head at the same time is no easy task. Here are some reinforcing tips to help you stay mindful during the chipping process.

Aiming is in the stance, not the swing

If you’ve been aiming your shots during the actual swing, STOP NOW! This is not what your chipping irons were designed to do. It’s better to learn a consistent chipping drill of standing right, keeping your head down, and swinging consistently; than using the club swing itself to aim the ball.

Rather use your body to do the aiming for you. If you’re standing correctly with your feet lined up with your target, you won’t need to manipulate your swing to hit the ball where you want—it will go there automatically.

Clubface will determine accuracy

Turn your clubface to the correct angle by holding your club straight. Don’t try and manipulate the angle of the face by turning it to the angle you think it should face. Your chipping wedge is already angled the way it should be to do the job your want it to do. If you feel that the face is angled to give you too much height, consider using an iron instead.

Aim in distance, not just direction

Wind factor can play a role in steering your ball wide in either direction. However, it can also affect the distance your ball travels. A strong wind from behind my give your ball too much of a push, causing you to overstep your target. On the other hand, a wind blowing towards you will call for a stronger shot to make up for it. Keep these in mind when aiming. Even with no wind, you will need to aim in distance as well as direction—so keep shot power in mind.

How to check your aim before a swing

If you doubt your aim before taking a swing, you can check yourself by lining your feet up with your target. If a straight line can be placed between the front of your feet and your target, your aim is on. Making sure your stance, grip and clubface direction are correct will work well with the way you’re standing, so feel free to hit the ball when you’re ready.