Golf Tips: How to Create Some Extra Clubhead Speed

Extra club head speed can help you hit the ball further without necessarily swinging harder or faster. This is a technique you can develop overtime with some practice drills. There are a few details to pay closer attention to as you swing your iron. You want to establish consistency throughout your shot and think about which elements actually help you gain more speed. This may require a little more patience on your part, instead of thinking you need to swing your club as hard as possible.

Hinge Your Wrists

While having a good swing can help you get some speed, many times it is all in the wrist so to speak. Hinging your wrists actually helps you get ready to create the speed the ball will travel with. This aspect is usually done around the time you get ready to go into your backswing. This helps you achieve better control of your iron as you come in to hit the ball. You may be able to see a different in speed and movement when you practice a few shots with your wrists hinged.

Study Sequence Involved in Movement to Understand Body Motion

These elements help club head achieve solid contact with the ball, but if your posture is not correct or you tend to pivot more when you swing, these elements can change the outcome of the swing. How are your legs and knees positioned when you swing? Do your shoulders move back or rotate with your hips at the same time? Do you keep your eye on the ball as you come with your downswing? How are your arms positioned? How are you holding the club? How does your body position change throughout the motion of the swing? This sounds like a lot is going on when you take your shot and you need to be aware of these actions.

Measure Your Speed with a Radar Machine

Few golfers like to try something a little different. You can get out on the range and take practice shots but you may not always be able to tell if your method is working. A speed radar machine is something many golfers invest in. You use it to help you measure speed as you use your club. You can learn right away how fast your speed is and after a few shots you can determine where problem areas are and how to make adjustments.