Playing Golf Better: The Grip and Grip Pressure

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the grip plays such an important role in the golf swing – after all, it is the only point as which your body is actually connected to the club. If you are going to be able to translate the motion that your body is making down through the club and into the ball, you are going to need a good grip. A proper grip will feel comfortable in your hands, keep the club secure, and allow you to release the club fully through the shot.

One of the most-important parts of a good grip is proper grip pressure. The majority of amateur golfers use too much pressure when holding the club, preventing them from maximizing the amount of speed they can create through the shot. If you think you might be holding the club too tightly while you swing, try the tips below to correct this common mistake.

  • Hit wedges on the range. Getting off of the course and onto the practice range is always a good idea when working on a swing change. Try hitting a few wedge shots on the driving range with less grip pressure than you are used to. Most likely, this will be rather uncomfortable at first. After a few shots go by, you will start to become comfortable with the idea of using less grip pressure, and you can start to make bigger and bigger swings. You should always have control of the club during the swing, but squeezing it extra tight is only going to cause problems.
  • Practice putting with light grip. A tight grip on the putting green might even be worse than squeezing too tight for a full swing. Extra grip pressure on the putting green will take the ‘feel’ out of your hands and you will probably have trouble controlling the speed of your putts. Work on making your grip lighter and lighter until you feel that the putter is really able to swing freely back and through the ball.
  • Care for your grips. One reason some golfers end up squeezing the club too tightly is simply because their grips are in poor condition and are slippery. By caring for your grips, and putting on new ones when the old ones run out, you should have an easier time using a light grip pressure while still remaining in total control of the club throughout the swing.