What Is the Secret to Hitting a Great Fade Shot in Golf?

The great fade shot is like pulling a trick out of a hat. This shot can be accomplished once you understand how to hit the ball straight. The key here is to hit the ball with a slight curve that goes inward toward the right. This is necessary when the course has a slope, hill or bump that makes it impossible for the ball to travel in a straight line. The good news is there are a few simple tips to remember when hitting a fade you can apply to your own game technique.

  • Address ball with open shoulders while facing your target. This will help set up the curve you will attempt to make with your ball later when you swing. As you address the ball pay attention to shoulder position and how they face your target. This will help you follow through with your swing and ensure solid contact with the ball.
  • Your normal position will have a slight change with your front foot to the left. If you think about it you may notice which element of your setup position you may need to adjust. You can determine this by doing a few practice swings and think about how the ball will move once you come into contact with it.
  • When you want the ball to go toward the right aim to the left of your target. You will swing with your club toward the left of your target to help create the curve of the fade. If you don’t do in in this matter you may not actually create a fade shot. Again, you can practice this move on the range to review the best way to hit the ball.
  • As you hit the ball the club head angle should change slightly. In other words it should not be square upon impact. Have club face right. Your club face position plays another crucial role in how your fade is created. As long as you have an angle with your club face you have a good chance of creating a beautiful shot with other elements mentioned.
  • Practice grip, stance and swing on the range for best results. To help yourself get used to this type of shot don’t forget to check your stance, grip and swing. These elements come together as well to produce a good fade shot.