5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing An Iron Golf Club

Good technique when playing golf relies on a good golf club. Some golfers get frustrated at how they are playing and want better results. There are times players tend to blame their clubs, and in some cases the club can be the problem. When considering how to find the right golf club there are a few details to pay close attention to during the selection process. Knowing basic information can help you choose an effective iron for play. Here are 5 things to consider before making your iron club purchase.

  1. Assess skill ability. You should have an idea of your skill level to help you choose appropriate clubs. There are 3 play levels golfers define themselves including a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Where do you fit in? Understanding this information helps determine clubs you should carry with you.
  2. Know flex ability your iron should have. This means determining the flex in the shaft. If you know how fast your swing speed is this can be a helpful factor when making a selection. You should consider a stiff shaft if you are a fast swinger. The faster you are the more stiffness your shaft should have.
  3. Review details about how many clubs to keep in your bag and types of shafts and irons good for your play ability. If you are a beginner you may not need to carry as many clubs. If you are experienced or advanced you may consider a full set of clubs. Beginners can start with a putter, 3- wood, 5- wood, 3-, 5-, 7- and 9- irons. As skills develop consider adding to your clubs.
  4. Know proper length for your shaft. The sole or bottom of the club head to the top of the grip is the area to think about. The shaft distance helps give your shots distance. A long shaft is good for golfers with consistent swing motion. You can also work with a golf professional that can analyze your swing to help determine a good shaft length for your club.
  5. Know types of clubheads and how to choose the best. Cast and forged are two types of clubheads. Cast is good for beginners as it increases chances of hitting the ball. This type of iron has a larger clubface making it better for players to hit the ball with good contact.