5 Driving Pre-Shot Routine Tips For New Golfers

For A Smooth and Consistent Game

For a consistent game and better swing, having a proper pre-shot routine is important. Pre shot routine is part of the game play of most golfers, whether it is an unconscious or deliberate habit. It is a comfortable routine and protects you from the pressure of performing, so you can deal with hard situations effectively. Further, a pre shot routine lets you play in auto pilot mode. Here are five important pre shot routine tips for beginners.

Tip #1

Before you begin on the pre-shot routine, you need to gather some information on the shot to select the club. The yardage and wind should be checked. Most often amateurs move to a hole make the shot and run to the tee hastily, only to find it is par 3. You need to plan right from the hole you are going to play, the strategy that takes the ball from one point to another and into the hole. Select the club only after planning properly.

Tip # 2

Stand behind the ball and find the line from ball to the target. Some golfers hold the club horizontally, so it goes via the ball directly to the target. This is a better visual reinforcement for finding the accurate line. This also helps to leaf a couple of feet or pick a ground patch before the ball that hinders the line.

Tip #3

The next part is to go to the ball side and take a couple of practice swings. This helps to modify the stance and alignment of hips, feet, and shoulders, so they run square to the line formed from your ball to the target.

Tip #4

The first practice swing helps in honing the technicalities of the swing. If you are practicing some specific technique, the practice swing helps to improve it. The second swing is about getting a smooth tempo and rhythm, so you should concentrate on the swing and forget about technicalities.

Tip #5

After the practice swings, you can start with your shot. When you setup the ball, check on the proper alignment of ball to the target line and the ground patch a few feet in front with that of the stance you take.

If you are interrupted during the pre-shot routine, you need to start from the beginning again from standing behind the ball and making the alignment proper. While some golfers do a couple of waggles with their club before starting on the play, it is ineffective, as it is only a wristy type movement.