A Quick Golf Guide: How to Improve Distance and Accuracy

Having good distance and accuracy in your golf swing is a difficult combination to achieve. Most golfers are able to find one, but not the other. If you are great at hitting fairways, you probably don’t hit it quite as far as you would like. If you are a long hitter, you might find your shots landing in the rough more often than not. If and when you are able to achieve a combination of power and accuracy in your swing, you can really see some lower scores start to come your way.

While it will take time and effort to make this happen in your own game, there are some steps you can take to get closer to this goal.

  • Start with accuracy, then add distance. As you begin to put in time and effort on your swing, make the accuracy component your main focus before you worry too much about power. By doing it in this order, you will get your mechanics down to the point where they are repeatable and reliable. From there, it should be relatively easy to add some more power to the swing without compromising your technique. If you just go for raw power first, you might have a tough time controlling that speed enough to ever find the accuracy you are looking for.
  • Practice regularly. Your golf swing isn’t just going to magically improve overnight – you are going to have to work on it. Although you probably don’t have time to practice every single day like the professionals do, try to get on a schedule of practicing once a week or so. When you can be consistent with your practice, you can build upon the improvements you have made until your swing is significantly better than it once was. If you wait several weeks or more between practice sessions, it will be difficult to make any real progress.
  • Keep your head down. While this might sound like the most basic of golf advice, it is actually something that many amateur golfers do wrong. By keeping your head and eyes down on the ball during the swing, you should be able to make better contact in the center of the clubface – which will help in terms of both accuracy and distance. It is often the simple things that are the most important, and keeping your head down should be near the top of your swing to-do list.