The Fail-Safe Method To Stop Hitting It Behind The Ball

When hitting the golf ball you should have a smooth consistent stroke. There are a few elements that should be in place for this to occur. It does take time to understand these elements and how they play a role in getting the ball from point A to point B. Yet, hitting behind the ball continues to be a problem for a few reasons. The position of the ball may not be correct and how you swing to come into contact with the ball may need some changing. Others end up hitting a fat shot. Here are tips to help you understand how to avoid hitting behind the ball.

Try to Avoiding Swinging Upward

When you move in to swing toward the ball you should keep your movement consistent. At the same time you shouldn’t move the club upward. This may cause you to miss the ball or create poor contact with the ball. When you keep your eye on the target you should consider how your swing starts and comes through. The positioning of your arms, shoulders and body behind the ball can make a difference in how you follow through with your swing. Sometimes golfers may go into their backswing too far back to create the upward effect. The motion should have a sweep affect to it.

Have the Ball Positioned in Your Stance Correctly

There are times you can play the ball further back in your stance and get a decent result. In this case you don’t want it to be too far back or the shot will end up being poor. Consider a good position for your arms and shoulders as you move to swing through and hit the ball. The ball position is important to help you establish accuracy and good distance when the shot is made.

Hips Should Rotate as You Swing Through

Some players do not allow their hips to rotate or they just have lack of rotation altogether. You should have rotation occur when you come down from your backswing. As you swing through the ball your hips should rotate. In other words, as you are making contact with the ball you should have rotation action in your hips. Rotating helps you from hitting the ground first instead of hitting the ball. Rotation of the hips is necessary for an accurate and complete full swing.