You Can Use Golf Hybrids for More than Full Shots

If you have added a hybrid club to your golf bag, as so many others have over recent years, you already know how useful it can be for hitting full shots. Whether you use it off the tee, from the fairway, or even from the light rough, hybrids are great for getting the ball up off the ground and high into the air. They generally are more forgiving than long irons, yet can be played from a wider variety of lies than traditional fairway metals.

With that said, you might not know that you can actually put your hybrid to use when you aren’t even hitting a full shot. Below are two scenarios in which you can use your hybrid club to create a quality shot that puts you in a good position to finish the hole successfully.

Punching Out of Trouble

When you hit a poor drive and find yourself among the trees off to the side of the fairway, your first goal should be to get back onto the short grass as soon as possible. Depending on the lie that you find your ball in, a hybrid club might be a good choice for the punch shot back to the fairway. While you won’t want to try this out of deep rough, it can be a good option if your ball draws a relatively good lie without too much grass immediately behind the ball.

Before you try this on the course, be sure to practice it on the driving range to get comfortable with the ball flight it will create. You might find that a punch shot with a hybrid club goes a little higher than the same shot with a long iron, so consider that when planning the shot.

Chipping from Around the Green

For golfers who don’t love hitting short chip shots with their wedges, a little bump-and-run shot with a hybrid is a great option. This shot is hit from short grass, and usually not from more than a few yards off the green. All you want to do is ‘bump’ the ball to get it bouncing through the short grass and rolling onto the green. Just as with the punch shot, this will take practice as the ball tends to roll farther than you might expect when first trying it out. Once you put in some practice time getting comfortable with this shot, it can come in handy more often than you might think out on the course.