How to Hit a Perfect Punch Shot in Golf

Hitting a punch shot in golf may take some practice. The idea is to make some changes to the way you would normally address the ball. In doing so this allows you to change trajectory of the ball when it is flight. Many golfers choose a punch shot when they want to accomplish this with lower flight movement. This means you will need to make adjustments to your swing and stance. In some cases you will need to aim toward hitting the ball lower based on weather conditions or because of the path the ball will take toward its intended target.

Understanding Why You Would Need to Hit a Good Punch Shot

There are two common reasons why you would need a good punch shot on the course. First off, if you are playing a hole with strong winds you want your ball to take a flight that will help it continue toward your target. Sometimes if your ball flies too high it may drift further away from the target depending on how you hit it or how winds catch it when it flight. A punch shot can help reduce wind effect. Secondly, if you are taking a shot where you want to keep the ball low, such as under a hanging tree limb, this shot can help you make a good line for the ball to travel.

How Does the Golfer Benefit from a Good Technique?

Once you establish a good technique you may find it will provide more control. As you practice you may increase accuracy in how the ball connects to your target. Even though there are certain circumstances a punch shot may be necessary, there are players that tend to use this shot more often because of ability to maintain control of the ball and its trajectory.

Tips to Help You Establish Your Punch Shot

Consider taking on more club based on your distance. This means you may need to change your iron, say from a 7 to a 6 or a 5-iron. Your stance would be positioned further away from the ball. Some feel you could play this shot from the mid-section of your stance. When you address the ball your hands should be ahead. Your front foot would support roughly 60 percent of your body weight. Make your swing while limiting how much weight shifts as you follow through. Keep practicing!