A Simple Guide that Will Teach You to Hit a Golf Ball with Backspin

Being able to add backspin to the golf ball when you really need it is a great skill to possess as a golfer. Backspin isn’t only handy to get the ball to stop quickly on the green, but it can also help hold a shot straighter in the air. Additionally, a shot hit with plenty of backspin is likely to climb higher in the air than one with little backspin. After you learn how backspin is created, you shouldn’t have much trouble increasing the amount of spin you can generate on most of your shots.

In golf, if you want the ball to go up, you have to hit down. This is a simple concept, yet it is one that trips up many amateur players. Hitting down is what generates backspin, and backspin is what helps the ball climb up into the air. The following tips will guide you toward learning how to better hit down through the ball –

  • Stay on balance. You can’t hit down through the ball effectively if your weight has fallen onto your back foot. Make sure you are staying balanced during your swing so you can move freely onto your front foot during the downswing and into impact. Many golfers make the mistake of leaning back to try and ‘help’ the ball into the air, but that is the last thing you want to do when backspin is the goal.
  • Hands ahead of club. It is a pretty simple equation – if you want to hit down on the ball, your hands must be ahead of the clubhead at impact. If they aren’t, you have already released the club and the clubhead will be moving up when it actually contacts the golf ball. Not only will this make it almost impossible to get very much backspin, but you will have trouble even making solid contact with the ball.
  • Finish the swing. Assuming you are able to get to impact in good shape, the final step is to finish the swing aggressively all the way into your finish position. Plenty of swings have been ruined simply by getting too careful at impact and forgetting to swing all the way through the shot. Keep your confidence up and hit aggressively through the ball to generate all of that backspin and send the shot beautifully up into the air.