Golf Lessons: Hitting A Short Shot Over Sand

A small degree of change in the grip can result in adding height and more precision to your shot. Inclined-face hurdles actually determine whether you can hit a shot in the sand course or not. Anyone can prove himself a good player if he plays a shot in a course where there’s no lip at all, but when there are bunkers and your ball has to move aerially and softly, that is where technique really matters and one can predict if the player is a Pro or not.

  • All Professional Players who have a command on the ball in sand course use a technique which is common in almost all of them. They all use the cuneus’ bounce by moving the club head in a uniform flow which makes it move through the sand very smoothly. When this occurs, the thick back of the Golf Stick skims across the sand very smoothly and the club head slides under the ball which moves in an aerial direction with a considerable back spin.
  • Players who think that sand will slow down their shot speed swing the club harder and that results in nothing but digging deep in the sand and slowing down the speed. So, the next time they hit the ball, they swing the stick even harder which brings no good either. They should know that swinging harder would not speed up the shot but swinging smoothly will.
  • There are different techniques for overcoming this problem. You can always tuck your little finger so that your nail rests opposite to the grip. This decreases your power to grip the club tightly and jerk the club head under the ball but it in fact allows the Club Face to go across the grip through hit for additional loft. If tucking the little finger feels too awkward, you can just twist it around the end of the grip. Now, your ring finger is the last finger on the grip. This is just as efficient as tucking the little finger, because both the techniques are grounded on the same rule i-e, by moving away the little finger, the club moves in the hand quite easily which as a result, discloses the leap and assists in the sliding of the club.
  • There is another technique for playing in the sand too. You can always open the face of the clubhead and hit the ball off the base. This might make you think that it is just an imaginary thing but remember that, you are levitating the club stick. The shot resulting from this technique is more precise and predictable.