Golf Getaways In Lisbon: Reviewing The Green Fees

The price for a round of golf in Lisbon depends on which course you play rounds. On average you could be looking at roughly 27 euros give or take a few for a round of golf. It is important to do research to find suitable golf courses based on affordability, availability and expertise. There are a few options to consider when comparing green fees and rates for golf courses in Lisbon. Here are additional tips on learning more about how much you will spend playing rounds of golf in Lisbon.

Learn What Other Golfers Have Paid through Review Sites

Get an idea what people actually pay for rounds in Lisbon through review sites. There are players that detail how much they paid and they provide insight on whether the amount was worth the investment. Few have mentioned they were pleased with service and even tipped their caddy. Keep in mind prices will vary depending on the course and your length of stay.

Contact Potential Golf Courses in Lisbon and Ask about Green Fees

You can get information upfront from the course you want to visit. Contact the golf course in advance and ask about their rates. Learn about discounts available and even consider membership opportunities. Some courses offer reduced rates to members and even groups. Also consider checking the golf course event calendar as there may be deals around scheduled events.

Look for Promotional Offers and Golf Packages with Discounts and Deals

Golf packages commonly give insight on how much you will pay, but not every package offers this information. In some cases it depends on the golf course and time of season when deals are available. Promotional offers are often limited and may run for a specific amount of time. Check with golf package providers and travel sites specializing in golf travel for better deals and easier price comparison. Read all information carefully associated with your golf package to avoid incurring hidden fees.

Book Your Trip Early and Consider Length of Your Stay

When you book early you may find better deals suitable for what you can afford. The length of your stay can be important in some cases depending on the golf course. Another aspect to consider is the number of rounds you expect to play during your stay.