How To Improve Your Golf Iron Play: Adjusting The Grip

Keeping your iron play sharp includes making necessary changes to your grip. A golfer may have different ways to grip a club, but there is a wrong way that can lead to poor shots and lack luster results. The good news is golfers have different options to consider when choosing a grip. It also helps to have the right iron in hand to ensure a comfortable hold as you utilize your grip technique.

Some irons have unique grip design on the shaft that may not be enough when considering proper gripping of hands. The grip you use helps define direction for your swing. This element alone shows why proper grip technique is important to your play experience. Here are a few tips to consider when making adjustments to your grip.

  • When holding the club in your hand the handle or shaft should rest along your fingers. The grip actually starts from the middle of your index finger with the club angled slightly across the palm or just under the pinkie.
  • You can create a V-shape with your hand once you grip the club with your lead hand, and then place your other hand over it. When you do this, your thumb points toward the index finger of the hand that grips the club. Your right shoulder and chin should be in line with your grip as you hold your club.
  • When gripping the club you can place your right hand with pinkie resting in the middle of your middle finger and index. As you do this you should form a V-shape that leads in the direction of your lead shoulder.
  • Be cautious regarding the amount of pressure you use as you grip the club. Too tight of a grip may be caused from tension or being nervous. As you practice different types of grips try to be relaxed during the shot. This helps you establish control of the swing through the shot and giving the right amount of power behind the shot.
  • Rotate hands clockwise while gripping if you have a habit of slicing. If you tend to hook the ball rotate your hand in the opposite direction as you grip your iron. An interlock grip technique is good for those with small hands. A standard grip is a good place to start but as you develop more experience adjust grip.