The 5 Best Golf Drills To Help You Cure The Top

Skimming the top of your ball instead of connecting the sweet spot will mess up your aim and also compromise on the distance of your shot. In order to stop doing this it is important to understand the reasons why it happens. Take a look at the following five drills you can practice and you will soon notice what your body is doing wrong in these instances.

  1. Let the clubface weigh down your shot
  2. Try a drill that involves a more lax way of swinging. The end of your club is meant to pull the whole club slightly down and thereby connect the ball at the correct spot. Take note of whether your arms are subconsciously lifting the club during the swing in order to effect a scooping of the ball.

  3. Watch out for the inside swing
  4. Even if your upswing is perfect, you must bring the club back down again as straight as you can. Many golfers don’t put enough spring in their swing and therefore when the club comes down, it doesn’t follow the same path as it did when it went up. This causes an inside swing which invariably connects the ball at the top rather than the centre.

  5. Keep your left arm against your body
  6. A good way to know whether you are making a proper upswing is by noting your left arm (if you are a right hand player). Practice a drill that forces your left arm to remain tightly against your side and you should see an improvement in this shot.

  7. Your body should not compensate for a bad swing
  8. Sometimes golfers know that they are struggling with their swing. But rather than put effort into it and work on their swing, they compensate for it by moving in certain ways that end up just making it worse. If you are lifting your legs during a swing to effect a scoop on the ball, you will need to start practicing a drill that keeps your knees bent and frozen.

  9. Stand slightly behind the ball
  10. If you are someone who inadvertently hits the top of the ball, you may want to adjust your stance to make up for it. This is a simple quick fix for a problem that may have become a habit that’s difficult to cure. If you find that body movement drills are not helping, adjust your stance to compensate by standing slightly behind the ball.