Vital Hints for Fixing Your Golf Slice

There might not be a more-frustrating sight in golf than hitting a drive off the tee – only to look up and see it sailing off to the right (a slice for a right-handed golfer). If you are stuck with a slice and haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it, you might feel like there is nowhere left to turn. There is no question that a slice is one of the most-difficult swing flaws to fix, but rest assured that it can be done. Use the hints below to start improving on your slice, and it will hopefully soon be a thing of the past.

Don’t Open Your Stance

Often, golfers who are struggling with a slice will start to aim out to the left in order to compensate for the ball tailing off to the right. However, this usually just makes the slice get worse. When you open your stance relative to the path of the club, you actually make the slice worse. So, even if you aim left, you will only slice the ball even harder back to the right. Keep your stance square and work on improving the errors that are leading to the slice in the first place.

Reach Back During Your Backswing

A narrow backswing can set you up for a slice within just the first few inches of the swing. Work on keeping good extension in your arms while taking the club away from the ball to create a good position to hit from. Without the proper width in your backswing, it is easy to throw the club outside the correct plane and end up with an out-to-in slicing motion at impact.

Good Tempo

Those with a slice tend to have a fast tempo that never gives them time to drop the club inside the ball on the way down. By making a full turn back, and giving the club time to get into position, you can correct the mistake you have been making at the top of the swing which creates the slice. Imagine that you are holding the top of your backswing for just a split second before starting down – in reality, there will be no pause, but trying for the feeling is a good way to learn the proper rhythm in the swing. Avoid feeling rushed during your swing and straighter tee shots may be right around the corner.