A List of the Best Golf Training Hints

Sometimes, all it takes to get your golf game kicked into gear is a little tip or hint that you haven’t heard before. The adjustments you make to play better on the course don’t always have to be major swing changes in order to get results – if you are able to integrate a simple tip or strategy into your game, you might be able to lower your scores sooner than you think.

Below is a list of a few golf training hints that are designed to be easy to integrate into your game. By using these tips during your practice sessions, you should be better prepared when you head out onto the course.

  • Spend time on long putts. It is easy to overlook practicing your long putts when working on your game, but they are vital to good scores. Quality long putts make it easier to avoid three putting, and they can take stress off of your game by not having to make those scary three and four foot putts. Make sure to take some time in each practice session to find a long putt across the practice green and work on your speed control.
  • Chipping should be a priority. Along with long putts, chipping is another area of the game that is overlooked when it comes to practice time. If your local course or driving range has a short game practice area, you should take advantage of it and work on your chipping as a part of your regular practice routine. When you improve your chipping, it makes the whole game easier by allowing you to make up for errant approach shots with a quality chip close to the hole. In fact, getting better at chipping is one of the fastest ways to lower your scores.
  • Don’t become obsessed with your driver. Most golfers love to hit the driver as far as they can off the tee, but there is far more to the game of golf than just drivers. You should absolutely practice hitting your driver when you go to the driving range, but make sure it doesn’t take over your practice session. You want to be a well-rounded golfer who can hit every club in your bag with confidence. Give enough time to all of the clubs throughout your set and you will be rewarded with improved consistency all around the course.