How to Choose a Golf Stance for Iron Shots

The good thing about working on hitting good iron shots is that they aren’t too much different from any other kind of shot on the course. However, there are some subtle differences in technique that need to be understood in order to improve your iron shots on a consistent basis. Specifically, working on your stance can pay big dividends because it can help you to make solid contact more regularly – a crucial element of good iron play. Once you are comfortable and confident in the stance that you are using, you will be one big step closer to good play with all of the irons in your bag.

Take the tips below and put them into use on the driving range as you fine tune your iron swing.

  • Wider as the clubs get long. All iron shot stances are not created equal. As the clubs get longer, you want to take a wider and wider stance to allow for a bigger and more powerful swing. For example, the stance that you take when swinging a 3-iron should be somewhat wider than the stance you use while hitting a pitching wedge. For each club in the set along the way, you want to adjust your stance slightly to find just the right width to support your swing.
  • Open your front foot slightly. Your front foot (left foot for RH player) should be slightly open at address to make it easier to release through the ball. Keeping your feet square at address can place extra stress on your knees and make it harder for you to complete a proper rotation through the shot. Turn that front foot out just a few degrees when you take your stance and you should find it much easier to complete the swing successfully.
  • Always bend your knees. No matter what kind of shot you are hitting on the golf course, bent knees should be part of the equation. Keeping your knees bent is important in forming a stable base, and it allows you to engage your core and get the most from your swing. If you get lazy during the round and stop flexing your knees a proper amount, you could start to see pulled shots, or sliced shots as a result. Focus on knee flex as a key part of your swing, and watch how your irons shots can improve.