Golf holidays in Lisbon

Lisbon offers wonderful opportunities for rest and relaxation for golfers and non-golfers alike. The capital city of Portugal offers unlimited breathtaking ocean views and unique opportunities to tee off at some of the world’s best golf courses. While there are plenty of photographs that highlight beautiful sunset beaches and plush green golf courses, many people feel they pail in compare to actually being there in person. The lovely sights and memorable experiences often encourage travels to visit Lisbon again.

Affordable Golf Packages with Lisbon’s Popular Resorts and Hotels

As a golfer’s paradise, you can enjoy 4 and 5 star accommodations at some of Lisbon’s most reputable resorts and hotels. There are many options to choose from with many providing excellent views of the ocean while being close and convenient to exclusive golf courses. Choosing a golf package that is best for you may depend on where you want to stay in Lisbon, and what other activities you will be interested in participating in outside of golf.

A Golfer’s Dream Turned into Reality

This area is known for having exceptional golf courses for beginner and expert golfers. Over the years, this area is evolved to become a must-see for any golfer. While a number of courses have historical significance in being in existence for decades, new developments such as Campo Real, offers modern opportunities with cultural flare. A large number of golfers barely get the opportunity to play golf by the ocean.

A number of courses near the Lisbon coastline feature beautiful landscapes, plush green grass, sand dunes and plenty of challenges while being in a tranquil environment. It makes for great playing experience for golfers who want a change of scenery along with comfortable relaxation. No wonder so many people look forward to visiting this area again.

Making the Best of Your Golf Holiday in Lisbon

Planning ahead can give you the opportunity in making the best of your time in Lisbon. Learn about Lisbon’s top venues such as Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort, Quinta Da Marinha Resort, Aroeira Resort, and Bom Sucesso Resort Leisure & Golf to name a few. Keep in mind accommodations you will need to help make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Check with golf club resorts for deals and discounts when reserving tee times. Compare your options carefully to help you save and review recreation activities nearby.