Golf Mental Game Tips: How to Stay Focused at All Times

Most golfers are intimidated and overwhelmed with the physical aspect of playing good golf. The process of perfecting your mechanics and improving things like balance and tempo is enough work on its own – so they never get to the point of thinking about the mental game. That is a big mistake, however, because the mental game has almost as much to do with your final score as do your physical skills. By improving on your focus throughout a round of golf, you can minimize the ‘silly’ mistake that you make and save several strokes per round.

With better focus in mind, take a look at the three helpful tips below –

  • Limit your focus to the shot. For a round of golf that lasts for four hours or more, keeping your focus uninterrupted that entire time is something of an impossible task. It is hard to focus on any one single thing for several hours, so don’t even try. While you are on the golf course for that long, you only really need to focus when you are getting ready to hit each shot – and while you are making your swing. The time spent walking up the fairway or waiting for the group in front of you can be spent talking to your friends, enjoying the scenery, etc.
  • Have specific goals. The mind is better focused when it has a specific task or goal in mind to accomplish. For example, if you decide before a round that your goal for the day is to shoot under 90, you will have a specific target and motivation for staying focused. Then, as the round goes on, that long term goal of getting your score into the 80’s can help to shape your decision making and keep your mind on track.
  • Play target golf. Just like having a goal for the entire round will help you to stay focused, so will having a goal for each individual shot. Many golfers just walk up to the ball and try to hit it somewhere down the fairway – this kind of approach doesn’t allow your mind to focus on the swing because there is no specific target. Before each shot, be very specific about where you are trying to hit the ball, and what kind of shot you are going to hit to reach that target.