Where To Play Golf In Portugal Without A Handicap Card

You don’t necessarily require a handicap card in order to play golf while in Portugal. There are many great places in the country that you can visit when looking to play golf without worrying about getting such a card for use. These include nine-hole courses for the most part although the different choices that you can enjoy will be limited, what with so many places in the country demanding you to have a card for a reservation.

  • A Basic Rule of Thumb
  • Popular Courses
  • Who Can You Contact?

A Basic Rule of Thumb

The important thing about golfing in Portugal without a handicap card is that most nine-hole courses will be more than happy to take you in. These courses include plenty of challenging spaces and some spots that focus on approach shots. The best part is that many of these courses are located on larger country clubs that feature a variety of larger courses.

However, some larger courses may also allow you to play without a handicap card. This is often done on a per-person basis though. It is easier to get into one of these courses without a handicap card if you are trying to golf during the down periods of the season.

Popular Courses

The courses that offer rounds without handicap cards include many choices within Portugal that feature nine holes. Places like the Balaia, Pinheiros Olives and Vale de Milho courses are good choices to think about. Of course, every course has its own terms for where people can go in order to get a round without a handicap card involved. The smaller courses don’t have much of a demand and therefore might be easier for you to enjoy playing a round at.

Who Can You Contact?

It’s typically best to check with the websites of different golf courses around Portugal to see what their terms are in terms of golfing without a handicap card. The websites for courses can provide you with information on what you can bring to the place and how you can get reservations. Be sure to check the terms carefully as there might be exceptions as to when you can come into the area without such a card.

Remember that the choices you have for golfing in Portugal without a handicap card may be rather limited based on where you want to go. Take a careful look at all your options when finding a golfing trip in the region. You might find it easier for you to get reservations in some places when compared with others.