How to Play Golf: Footwork Drill

Since there is no running or jumping in golf, footwork isn’t something that comes up very often in discussions about technique. However, footwork is actually very important, and it can make or break your swing depending on how you use your feet. When you are working on your technique trying to find more consistency and power in your swing, make sure to take some time to focus on your footwork and what it is or isn’t doing. Bad footwork can be just as destructive to a golf swing as a bad grip or bad stance.

Use the following drills to make sure your footwork is doing its job to help you swing the club properly.

  • Pause at the top. In this drill, you should swing to the top of your backswing and then stop and hold still. What are your feet doing? Ideally, they shouldn’t have moved at all since the start of your swing. If your feet have twisted around on the ground, or one of your feet is up onto the toe or back on the heel, you are having balance problems in your swing. Work on this drill until you can pause at the top of your backswing and find that your feet are right where they started.
  • Flat lead foot at impact. A common footwork mistake that you will see from amateur golfers is getting up onto the toe of the lead foot at impact. In an effort to hit the ball harder, the golfer pushes up off the ground while the club is swinging down. It is possible to squeeze out a few more miles per hour from your swing this way, but it will cost you consistency. Work on making sure that front foot stays flat on the ground as you swing through the ball to improve how solidly you are able to strike the shot.
  • Full release. In the finish position, you do want to see the back foot up onto its toe. Work on making practice swings and holding your finish position for a few seconds. Pay attention to how well balanced you are over your feet, and make sure the back foot it up onto the toes. If it isn’t, you need to work on getting a better rotation through the shot with your lower body. Continue to make practice swings until you achieve this position with consistency.