How To Score Low On The Vale Do Milho Golf Course

Golf being a very versatile game, has different techniques for playing it in a Professional way. There is no doubt if you say that short game techniques are the most important part of a good golf game. Professional golfers do not only play with good mechanics or clubs but, they use a specific strategy or technique for their game. The Vale do Milho Golf Course is not a difficult golf course but still requires its own techniques during the game for a better result. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve a good game not only in Vale do Milho Golf Course but in all the other Golf Courses too, when it comes to Low Score.

Aim for the Green not the Pin

Mostly amateur Golfers aim for the pin instead of the green which is not a good sign. Sometimes the pin is placed at the edge of the green and if you cross it, you land below the green and then you have to utilize more shots and lose more points. So, you should always aim for the fat green part like the professionals and once you land in the green, then you can aim for the pin and pot the ball successfully.

Concentrate on the Golf, not the Swing

You should always concentrate on the game of golf and not the golf swing. Mostly amateurs start concentrating on the swing instead of the game and they keenly examine the swing of their club and the path it follows. During this process, they actually lose the sight of their target and they when they hit the ball which is perfect when it comes to calculations but the direction is wrong and it ends up somewhere away from the green and the pin.

Evaluate your Rhythm and Tempo

You should monitor and evaluate your rhythm and tempo as your game requires a good tempo. Sometimes, the game requires a good rhythm for a good shot so, you should concentrate on giving it your full. The lagging in your swing can result in a bad shot as it lessens your confidence level and reduces the shot accuracy.

Be Positive

Always be positive when it comes to this game as the more negative you go, the more are the doubts that grow in your head. These negative results reduce your confidence level and the shot you play is not a good one then.