How To Carry Out A Successful Low Chip Shot

Low chip shots are usually needed to reach a certain mid-level height and travel between two obstacles. An example of this would be a situation where you have an obstacle on the ground, but an overhead obstacle at the same place. This calls for a shot that sees the ball travelling between these two obstacles, but at the same time reaches the desired target.

Best club for a low chip shot

It’s best not to use a chipping wedge for this shot as chipping wedges are designed to pop your ball upwards. It’s very difficult to manipulate a chipping wedge to do anything other than what it was designed for, so an alternative club must be used. Most players opt for a 7- or an 8-iron to make this shot, because the loft is not too angled.

Right leg in line with the ball

Address the ball with your right foot (for right hand players) in line with the ball. This puts you in a position where you are standing quite far behind the ball. This will offer you just enough lift when you finally make your swing.

Grip to be forward

In addition to a backward stance, your grip should protrude forward. There should be a certain degree of stiffness in your arms as if the club is an extension of them. Don’t hesitate to push your grip far forward to make up for the stance.

Downward swing

The reason you stand behind the ball but push the grip in front of the ball is because your swing is going to be a downward chop. It should look as if you are about to wedge the ball downwards—when in fact you are going to follow through with your shot.

Shot power

You aren’t trying to get too much distance on your shot so don’t worry about hitting hard. Rather opt for control and hit the ball at about a 50% shot power. Remember to follow through with your shot so that your club face ends up at 50% of the front of you too.

This shot is sure to come in handy on courses where there are lots of trees that are close to slopes or bunkers. Practice it as much as you practice any other chipping shot and find a high-number iron that you feel comfortable using.