Golf Tips to Achieve Better Consistency in Putting

If you asked golfers what one area of the game they would most like to improve, you would probably hear ‘putting’ as the most common reply. Putting is frustrating because it seems so simple to roll the ball into a hole that is sometimes just a few feet away, but every golfer knows just how difficult it can be. Gaining consistency on the greens can quickly shave several strokes off of your final score, so it is certainly worth the effort to spend time sharpening your putting performance.

When it is consistency that you are after, the following tips should be able to help –

  • Control the movement of your eyes. Sometimes poor putting can be as simple as moving your eyes too much during the stroke, which often leads to off-center contact with the ball. Make it a point to keep your eyes directly on the ball throughout the stroke – don’t follow your putter back, or look up early at the hole. Just by being sure to look at the ball until after you have struck it with the putter, many of your poor putts will quickly go away.
  • Soften your grip. As you get nervous on the putting green before a big putt, the natural tendency is to tighten up your grip and squeeze the club. This is only going to make it more difficult to hit a solid putt with proper speed control. Instead, try softening your grip when you are nervous to ensure that you swing the putter freely and get the ball started online. Spend time on the practice green hitting some putts with a softer grip pressure before you use this technique during a round.
  • Put in the practice time. It is impossible to get better at putting if you don’t practice. Sure, you can make some putts from time to time without practicing, but the consistency will never be there like you want. Before you head out to spend some time practicing your game, decide how long you are going to practice for and divide that time up evenly between three areas – full swing, chipping, and putting. If you can stick to this method of time management for your practice sessions, it will allow you to get the time you need on the putting green to achieve better consistency. Improvement in putting can happen quickly, but improved consistency is going to take time and effort.