Golf Holidays In Lisbon: Full Review Of The Penha Longa Atlantic Course

As one of the top golf courses in the world the Penha Longa course offers great views and exciting challenges for golfers. Located in Lisbon, it features a beautiful countryside background with plenty of trees, plush greens and a wide variety of natural landscape. With 27 holes the course is known to be a paradise for golfers thanks to the golf resort’s 5-star hotel. So what reviews have guests given this golf course?

Excellent Nature Views with Seclusion

The Penha Longa Atlantic gold course features various hills, valleys, lakes, rivers and plush greens. A number of golfers enjoy the element of seclusion thanks to the numerous trees and valleys you can see across the course. There are a number of holes where wind is not an issue, but trees could pose a challenge depending on holes nearby. Golfers claim they enjoy this element as it brings in more challenges that are new to them or really experience. Golfers will have plenty to view even outside of the course as there are other sightseeing opportunities nearby.

Winds from Mountainsides Present Unique Challenges at Certain Holes

While there are plenty of trees as far as the eye can see, there are a few holes that have wide open areas along the fairway. This means in some cases your ball could get caught in the wind when you need to drive it across the course. A few players who visited the course say this has happened to them on a number of occasions. The course itself has great maintenance with great attention to landscape detail. These elements along with occasional winds could create a few tricky plays golfers can look forward to.

Historical Estate in Great Condition Many Recommend Visiting

The Penha Longa Atlantic course offers great elements for golfers to enjoy. Many will appreciate its natural beauty which adds to its historical significance. As you view the course you can tell it has a grand look and feel that a number of generations in the past have enjoyed. Much of the estate has been cared for in a way that helps preserve its natural beauty. Golfers that enjoy a natural rustic look to a golf course may enjoy this course in particular. For a few players they say it is a second home.