How To Find The Right Resort For Your Golf Holidays In Lisbon

Going to Portugal and playing a few rounds of golf is certainly is a very tempting thing to do when you are on holiday. However, have you ever wondered where you should go and make your experience the best ever? There are several things that you might want to look for before you plan your trip and they would certainly help improve your overall experience:

Look for reputable hotels/resorts

That’s truly a key thing to look for when you are actually planning for your holiday. Ideally, major management companies should be managing the golf resort. The reason for that is because you want to make sure the course is in perfect conditions every day! Obviously there might be days when the course is not playable, for example, when it is raining heavily and that’s uncontrollable. But for other days, the course should definitely be in tournament-standard.

There are quite a few resorts that are managed by reputable hotel chains and those are the places that you should consider first. Although the price would be a bit higher than other courses, you are going to enjoy a better experience and will receive better service as well.

Location is key

The location of where you pick your holiday should be taken into consideration as well. If you are just playing golf as part of your holiday schedule, you should be looking at courses and resorts near the city. This means you can spend more time in Lisbon and tour around the city! However, if you goal is to play as much golf as you can, then you should certainly be looking at the best courses!

The idea would be to go online and check reviews. Usually the reviews don’t lie in the golfing industry; if the course is great then the reviews should echo that. As a rule of thumb, the courses farther from the city are usually better, but then that doesn’t mean you should limit your choices!


The next thing that you should be looking at is playability. If you were just an intermediate or beginner player, then it would be unwise for you to go to a very difficult course. It would just make a horrible impression for you! Try and look for places where it just suits your game and you can enjoy the process of playing golf. Remember, it’s all about the enjoyment of your holiday!