How To Start Golfing If I Never Played This Game Before?

Getting off to a good start with your golfing career is so important. The saying goes that "practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent" so if you develop bad habits in the beginning, you will be fighting against the current for the rest of your golfing life. In this article you will learn some foolproof ways to get started so that you don't make mistakes that you have to rectify later on.

Here the is the suggested sequence for going from picking up a club for the first time to developing into a solid golfer:

  • 1. Start with mini golf
  • All beginners should try their hand at mini golf first so that they get used to gripping a club, striking a ball and understand the objective of the game. The benefit of playing mini golf in the beginning is that it is cheap, accessible to everybody and easy to play. There is no chance of you digging up the fairways, embarrassing yourself or losing any balls on a mini golf course.

  • Practice in a net
  • Rather than hitting balls towards a target, a golfing net forces you to focus on making good contact with the ball. Striking golf shots in a practice net allows you to forget about the outcome and you can focus on the contact. Sometimes a fatalistic attitude helps in golf because all you can do is make solid contact and leave the result up to the golfing gods.

  • Head to the driving range
  • After you have had enough of putting the ball through windmills and clown's faces, you will want to visit a driving range and hit the ball into the sky. Again, you will not suffer any consequences from disaster shots on the driving range and you can start developing the correct swing motion.

  • Sign up for lessons
  • Following man sliced, topped and thinned shots, you will probably be yearning for long, straight well-struck shots and the way to get them is by having lessons with a professional. Ask around at the driving range for recommendations on a good local golf professional.

  • Once you can get the ball in the air, you are now ready for the course
  • If you have followed the preceding four steps, you will understand the objective of the game, you will have a fundamentally sound swing and you will be able to make clean contact with the ball. Congratulations, you are now ready to step on to the first tee of your nearest golf course.