What Are The Most Challenging Golf Courses In The Western Algarve?

The Western Algarve area is one of the most exciting places for golfers to explore. Here are a few of the most intense and attractive golf courses worth trying your skills on while being in one of the world’s most beautiful places for golfing.

  • Morgado do Reguengo
  • Vale de Pinta
  • Silves
  • The Old Course
  • Laguna

Morgado do Reguengo

This course is one of the longest in the Western Algarve area. It is 7,040 yards long and features a par-73 arrangement. There are five par-5 holes here while the greens are 800 square meters in size on average. This lengthy course is an endurance test for even the best golfers.

Vale de Pinta

Located near Carvoeiro, the Vale de Pinta course has two lakes that surround four holes. There are dogleg shapes on the par-4 and 5 holes to create a focus on accuracy when driving. The old trees around the course are beautiful but they also create a design that can be challenging for players to go around.


The Silves cost is located outside the town of the same name in Western Algarve. It is only 6,175 yards in length but it has greens with varying surfaces and fast playing areas. The water and sand hazards are all placed around some complicated places around the region as well, thus creating a more challenging surface that will thrill anyone looking for a little more of a challenge when playing.

The Old Course

The Old Course is a par-73 course around the Almansil area. This is located near some attractive beaches and features a variety of holes around a space that is kept in immaculate condition throughout the entire year. The biggest challenge when playing at this course comes from the greens being very small. These greens are even smaller on the par-3 holes, thus requiring golfers to be as accurate as possible.


Also near the coast of the Western Algarve region, the Laguna course has water and sand hazards that are carefully placed to where accuracy will become the most important part of the game. In fact, there are more than fifty holes all around the course. The interesting part of this course is that a player can choose from a smaller club when trying to get a more accurate shot out of this course.

These golf courses are tough ones but will certainly make for a fun thrill for any player to try out. Check out these options when finding a great course in the Western Algarve area that you will enjoy playing on while also being challenged.