Golf Practice Drills: Performing a Perfect Flop Shot

The flop shot helps you get the ball to travel higher. You may use this shot when trying to avoid hazards such as a bunker or water. The technique you use is important as it affects the trajectory of the ball. This type of shot is crucial as it can help you follow up on your initial contact with the ball. As this shot is played golfers use a lob wedge which is an iron with a slant at the club head. While there are drills you can practice to help you nail this shot with perfection, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you see progress.

  • Visualize your shot before you take it. Think about different elements that would make the shot a success. How do you address the ball? How is your body positioned throughout your shot? How do you go into your backswing and downswing? The image you have in your mind is what you want to duplicate and achieve. You just need to practice your form.
  • Make sure you set yourself up for the shot with a good approach. Your wrists may be hinged slightly with your iron having an open clubface. Your wrists should hinge when you go into your backswing.
  • Ball should be open at set up. Your body is positioned to the left of the ball. You should have the same setup for other shots you take whether it is a bunker, deep rough or fairway.
  • The middle of your stance should be a good place for you to play your ball from. You can play it from the top of the middle (slightly ahead) from your stance.
  • The clubface should face the sky as you play the ball. The way you swing you should develop an angle that will encourage this type of result. What you want to do as you swing the ball is to create more of a backspin when you come into contact. It helps to have your stance wider to help achieve this result.

Additional Tips to Help You Perform a Flop Shot

You need to have a good imagination and think about what you want to happen. You can find instruction videos online and pictures with step-by-step detail to help you see how your body should be positioned while taking the shot. Don’t forget to practice.