Essential Things To Know For Successful Iron Club Selection

Golf equipment shopping is no different from buying any other stuff. You see a costly iron club you like and convince yourself that it would be a perfect fit for your game. The problem with this thought is that if the irons don’t fit your game it would not only affect your score, but also your focus and confidence. Selecting the right iron club involves a number of factors including the material used to make the club, flex, shape, size, price, etc. Before you select the irons here are a few essential things you need to know.

Select iron clubs that match your skill

People often use the expression ‘fits like a glove’ to describe something that’s a good match. In golf, the iron clubs you select must match your current still level. Golfers have three options in front of them, namely – (i) Super Game Improvement Irons, (ii) Game Improvement Irons, and (iii) Player’s Irons.

  • The first one is the most versatile type of irons, best suited for players with high handicap scores. This type of irons gives the level of forgiveness that high-handicappers need.
  • The second – the Game Improvement Irons are for middle level golfers. With these irons, the ball will fly long and straight, even when the ball is slightly off the center of the club face.
  • Finally, the Player’s Irons are for very experienced and skilled players. With these clubs, it’s like the saying ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’. If the ball finds the center of the club face of the Player’s irons the shot will be straight, long, and accurate.

Flex of the club

Another important factor is the flex of the iron. Based on the amount of bend, golfers have the option to select from a wide variety of irons. The options include Stiff, Extra Stiff, Regular, Senior, Ladies, and more. Keep in mind, the speed of your swing must determine the amount of flex in your iron. As the swing speed decreases the flex must increase.

The material used to make iron clubs

Like any golf club the irons too must act like the extension of your arms. Select the iron club that perfectly syncs with your game. When selecting, hold it in your hand and feel the club, address the ball, and take a couple of practice swing to find out if the club is a good match. Some golfers prefer an iron made of granite shaft, while others like irons made of steel. Graphite shafts soak vibration and are relatively lighter.