How to Make a Simple Flop Shot in Golf

Hitting a flop shot is a proposition that scares many new golfers, but it can actually be a very useful shot once you get comfortable with how to execute it properly. A flop shot is hit with a lofted wedge in such a manner that the ball shoots almost straight up into the air, flies only a short distance, and stops quickly after it lands. This kind of shot does take some practice to master, but you will love having it as an option around the green once you are comfortable with the technique.

Use the quick tips below to get started hitting the simple flop shot –

  • Lay the face wide open. Even though the club you are using already has plenty of loft, you are going to want to lay the face open even more so that it is pointing almost directly up to the sky. Note – it is important that you don’t take your grip until after you open the face, or the face of the club will likely just return to square at impact. You will probably have trouble trusting this shot at first because it looks unnatural to have the face so open at address. Stick with it, and it should quickly become more comfortable after some time spent practicing.
  • Pick the right lie. You can not hit a good flop shot from just any lie – you have to have the ball sitting in the right spot in order to pull this off. What you are looking for is a lie without much grass behind the ball. If the ball is lying down in long grass, or there just happens to be a clump of grass sitting behind the ball in the way of your club, forget about the flop shot and try something else instead. You need to slide the club perfectly under the ball for this shot to work, and that won’t happen if the grass is in the way.
  • Trust it. The most common reason for a failed flop shot is a lack of trust at impact. You are going to have to swing harder than you feel comfortable with for such a short shot, because most of the energy of the shot is going to go up in the air instead of out toward the target. This is where practice is so important – if you put in the time practicing the flop shot away from the course, you will have a better chance of pulling it off when it counts.