Why the Golf Swing is So Challenging

For people who don’t play golf, it can be hard to understand why the game is so challenging for so many. After all, you don’t have to run or jump to play golf like you do so many other sports, so how can it be so hard? Once a person starts to play the game for themselves, they quickly realize how tough it really is. Thanks to the number of moving parts that have to come together in a good swing, along with the speed that the club is traveling at, combine to make golf one of the toughest games in the world.

Following are three of the biggest reasons why it is so tough to make a good golf swing time after time.

  1. Small margin for error. Because golf shots can travel up to 300 yards or more, depending on the golfer, there is very little margin for error at impact. Even having the club face open or closed by a single degree can cause the shot to travel off line and end up somewhere you didn’t want it to go. Precision is required to hit good shots, and precision is simply hard to achieve when the club head is traveling at 100 MPH or more through the hitting zone.
  2. Pressure. Golf is a game that puts pressure and nerves on display for everyone to see. If you are feeling the pressure when getting ready to hit your shot, it is almost sure to show up in the results of that swing. How you handle nerves throughout a round, even just a friendly round with your buddies, will determine a lot about how your scorecard looks at the end of the round.
  3. Too many variable. There is a lot that can go wrong from the time you take the club back to the moment it makes impact with the ball. Your grip, stance, balance, swing plane, club face angle, weight transfer, rotation, tempo, and more all play a role in determining how the shot travels through the air. If you are off track with even one of those many elements, you might not get the results you were looking for. It is easy to get overwhelmed while making your golf swing, trying to think of all the different parts all at one time. The golfer who can successfully simplify the motion and remain confident is usually the one that will succeed.