Tee Times In Lisbon: The Santo Estevao Golf Course

A course that is growing in popularity despite its new conception is the Santo Estevao golf course. Here are some quick features on this golf course and motivation on why it is such a fun course to play.

New course in the countryside

Santo Estevao is a relatively new golf course which has been carved out of the Lisbon countryside. While the course is new, the terrain it has been built in is anything but. It is an established woodland area where the majority of trees seem like giants looking down at your game. Since its opening, the course has increased in popularity and will continue to do so as word of its modern layout gets out.

Close to the airport

One of its appeals is that the course is about 40 minutes drive from Lisbon airport. For this reason there are also many hotels and resorts close by; so accommodation shouldn’t be an issue. You will also have the option to have a quick game at the course on your way to some other Portuguese destination, since the course is virtually en route towards other popular holiday areas.

Few water hazards

Santo Estevao’s golf course has almost no water hazards to speak of. There are three minor pond-like features, but these are on the outside of the course and are hardly regarded during play. That being said, a strong gust of wind may cause the ball to swerve into many of the other obstacles within the course, so watch your aim.

Terrain is not too undulating

This is one of the few courses in Portugal that do not have too many slopes either. This makes the course easy to walk through and relatively easy to play at certain points. Some players are used to playing undulating courses and often form a habit of compensating accordingly. This course may catch a few out who don’t realize that they don’t need to do so.

Open space yet strategy required

So yes; the course doesn’t have many slopes, nor does it pose that many water hazards. There is also a lot of open space making play a fairly free experience. However, don’t let all of this fool you. Strategy is a skill you will have to master to play this course properly so put some thought into every shot or you may be surprised at how high your score turns out to be.