7 Facts You Should Know About The Pinheiros Altos Golf Course

The Pinherios Altos Golf Course is one of the most popular golf spots in Portugal. As an exclusive private golf course, players have everything they need including a great resort with comfortable and affordable luxury features. If you are here to play a few rounds of golf here are 7 things you should know about this course.

  1. The Pinheiros Altos golf course features a unique layout known to be a mental challenge for players.
  2. The course provides a nice home for several types of endangered rare birds. You may even see a few flying above as your making rounds.
  3. The Pinheiros Altos golf course features 27 holes, but they are broken up into three 9 hole layouts. Each area features plenty of trees, plush greens, and an abundance of trees while each having their own unique identity.
  4. The course was originally featured an 18 hole layout with 9 holes later added. Each 9 hole design has a loop element that start and end near the clubhouse. This element gives an idea of how big and intricate detail related to course layout and design.
  5. A split level green is a feature at the signature hole 9 at par 3. This hole is located in the first 9 holes named the Pines due to a vast number of pine trees.
  6. The Corks (the next 9 holes after the Pines) features many of the course’s longest holes. This part of the course has great valley views. The first tee shot is said to be one of the most demanding holes on the entire course.
  7. The Olives (the third set of 9 holes) is considered the original layout of the course. It has been said this part of the course is original because it has not undergone any changes since the mid-1990s. The 8th hole here is considered the signature hole.

Additional Information to Help You Plan Your Trip to the Pinheiros Altos Golf Course

The golf course offers various options for savings with discounted green fees throughout the year. They are available during certain times and it depends on who you book with. Some of the lowest rates are available during summer months. There are different golf packages available to help you make the most of your trip. Compare options and make plans to enjoy other features available on and off the course.