Golf Courses Near Lisbon: Quinta Do Peru

There are a number of high profile golf courses that are available in and around Lisbon, and in the event that you are an ardent golfer you might have come across some of them in the past. There are many a golfer who would give anything to have a game on the greens in Lisbon, and perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that this is one of the best golfing locations throughout the European continent. There are a number of high profile tournaments that have been held in Lisbon, further raising the profile of this city as a golfing hub.

  • Quinta do Peru is one of the heartthrobs here in terms of golf. This is not just an average golf club, it doubles up as a golf club and a country club too. The golf course was the architectural masterpiece of ESPART. In terms of the expansiveness of the club, it extends beyond 162 hectares of land. For those who are environmentally conscious, this golf course is designed on land that is environmentally protected, so you do not have to worry about any adverse effects or challenges on to the environment when you are playing.
  • For an ideal atmosphere and the perfect ambience when playing golf, you will also come to marvel at the housing units that are available within the vicinity, and a number of residents. An 18 hold course graces this country club, and it is revered across the continent for being one of the most challenging 18 hold golf courses you will ever come across so far.
  • In the event that you are planning on working out a holiday for your family and double it up as a golf holiday as well, there is no better place for you to look into other than Quinta do Peru. First of all the location of the golf course pretty much gives it away as one of the most amazing places you might ever want to consider setting up for a holiday. Set in the Azeitão area, there is some unique history that is associated with this region which will perhaps make its rich heritage the ore alluring for you.
  • Apart from the history that naturally ebbs from this area, there is also the fact that it benefits from an affluence in the biodiversity, while the carefully designed infrastructure makes it one of the most awesome golf courses that you can use any day of the year.